Cellcollagen Anti-Aging Face and Neck Treatment

Swiss Cell Facial Anti-Age Revitalisant Brigitte-Beauté Genève

Price: CHF 200.00 – Duration: 90 minutes

CellCollagen Face and Neck Remodeling Cellular Treatment

A plumping and smoothing cellular mask for the Face and Neck. Ultra pure collagen mask loaded with revitalizing cellular serum containing active stabilized bio-integral cells (15%). Revitalizes and remodels while preserving the firmness of the skin. Smooths and relaxes expressions lines. Harmonizes the complexion. Immediate radiance.


A luxurious anti-aging treatment that is instantly effective. Revitalizes, tones, intensifies and optimizes the quality of cell renewal. Improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces visible signs of aging, stimulates the skin’s natural defenses, combats free radicals, detoxifies the skin, and rejuvenates the natural complexion of the skin.


  • Specific Ultrasonic pre-treatment
  • Enzymatic peel
  • Pure collagen cellular mask
  • Application of the cellular serum vile (15%)
  • Facial massage with cellular substances
  • Application of serum and cellular cream