CellCollagen Eye Contour Treatment + Radiofrequency

Swiss Cell Facial Anti-Age Revitalisant Brigitte-Beauté Genève

Price: CHF 140.00 – Duration: 75 min

CellCollagen Eye Contour Mask by Cellcosmet, combined with Radiofrequency

An essential technique for treating aging skin. The only collagen mask enriched with plumping cellular serum (15%) which respects the skin’s hormonal identity.

  • Smooths wrinkles and fades fine lines
  • Smooths pronounced expression lines
  • Refreshes, reduces under-eye bags with immediate anti-fatigue action
  • Restores volume to the skin
  • Captures water, preventing loss of moisture in the epidermis
  • Lightens the contour of the eye and dark circles
  • Contains no hormones, silicone, dyes, nor alcohol
  • Ophthalmologically tested for optimal tolerance


A genuine youth serum for a timeless look, extreme efficacy against the visible effects of skin aging around the eyes, with an immediate anti-fatigue, anti-dark circles and plumping action.


  • Eye contour cleanser
  • Radiofrequency session
  • Tonic compresses
  • Cellular patch mask 15%
  • Enriched collagen patch mask
  • Tonic compresses
  • Cellular serum 10%
  • Eye contour cellular cream 11%
  • Cellcosmet treatment