Eyebrow Microblading

Before and After:

Our Method:

Price: CHF 500.00 – Duration: 90 min

Naturally restructure your eyebrows with Microblading

Realistic and natural eyebrows thanks to stylized micro-pigmentation. Drawn on hair by hair, Microblading is the perfect solution for those who want beautiful eyebrows.

With natural results, Microblading is suitable for women of all ages who want to improve or revamp the shape and the density of their eyebrows, also ideal in cases of hair loss, accidents, scars, chemo, etc.

Using a “pen” with several nano needles, the color pigments are introduced into the epidermis of the eyebrow, drawing fine lines, difficult to distinguish from real hair. Microblading is an alternative method to traditional permanent make-up.

Always ask a professional in order to avoid disappointments as Microblading results lasts between 12 and 18 months. Brigitte-Beauté offers you a perfect retouching session after 4 to 6 weeks.

Our natural “Swiss Control” pigments are high quality and long-lasting.


  • Cleansing and choice of design and color
  • Application of local anesthetic
  • Pigmentation of the defined zone
  • Cleansing with small, cold compresses
  • Application of scar cream

Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading at Brigitte-Beauté

Microblading restructures your eyebrows: Semi-permanent make-up drawn on hair by hair with impressive and natural realism. With 25 years of experience and with extreme finesse, Brigitte rebuilds and redesigns your sparse, thin, or short brows. Microblading is a technique to try before opting for permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup versus Microblading

Permanent makeup adds more pronounced color in addition to the drawn on eyebrow hairs. The Microblading technique focuses on the hairs of the eyebrows by redrawing them one by one.

Microblading session at the Beauty Institute

Before having your eyebrows microbladed, a stencil drawing is made to give you an eyebrow shape that you like. Brigitte, face stylist, will advise you according to the morphology of your face.

The Beauty Institute provides post-treatment care in the form of a scar cream for several days.


For your comfort, the Beauty Institute applies a lidocaine-based anesthetic gel, in agreement with the doctor of the institute.

Microblading duration

The treatment lasts about an hour and a half.

Without retouching, the beautiful results will last about a year, but regular retouching at 6 months – 1 year will prolong your results.

Immediate effects

Some redness and swelling, which will both disappear within a few days.