Laser IPL

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Special medical permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal, but with a more powerful light for blond hair. As a supplement to Brigitte and Anina’s treatment, in the case of resistant hair, blond hair.

Ineffective or dangerous wavelengths are filtered and only the useful and safe light reaches your skin and is transmitted through the hair to its follicle, which is destroyed.


The intense visible light flashes emitted by the IPL system, a special medical lamp, give a smoother appearance to your face by improving the skin’s texture, removing aging spots and diffusing redness.

It is based on the interactivity between light and skin. Thanks to its I²PL technology, including double wavelength filtering, Ellipse eliminates those that are dangerous and unnecessary so that only safe and effective light reaches your skin.

Light of a suitable wavelength is absorbed by the melanin present in aging spots, and by hemoglobin in red patches; cells containing these two substances heat up and are destroyed.

Vascular lesions, rosacea, and spider veins

These lesions or redness are small blood capillaries on the surface of the skin.

Medical IPL lamps with a light of a special hemoglobin (red) wavelength cauterizes these lesions by interacting only with what is blood red and superficial: vascular lesions, spider veins, hemangiomas, erythrosis and PWS.

Men and women are affected by these capillary disorders, but with medical IPL, you don’t have to worry about them anymore!

Hemoglobin absorbs light and transforms it into heat. This protein is destroyed and the capillary will disappear.

Pigmented lesions, brown spots, red spots

Erase sun spots.

Flashes of light eliminate benign pigmented lesions (solar lentigo, freckles, light brown spots, etc.) on your face, cleavage, hands or any other area of your body.

The light, with a medical wavelength in brown (melanin) or red (hemoglobin), is absorbed by these substances present in pigment lesions or redness and are destroyed by increasing the temperature.

Simple acne, infected pimples

During puberty, the production of androgenic hormones is increased and stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, whose sebum secretion becomes excessive.

This excess of sebum obstructs the pores of the skin and creates an inflammation which is infected by the bacteria of the skin and causes the formation of blackheads or white microcysts.

Thanks to IPL technology and a special medical head, with a camera that analyzes the texture of your skin, we can treat the areas that irrigate the sebaceous glands. The absorption of light by hemoglobin leads to a controlled slowdown in your body’s production of sebum.