Mesotherapy for joint pain management

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Rejuvenate various areas of your body

Mesotherapy: A medical treatment consisting of micro-injections into the skin near the lesion to be treated. More effective than traditional treatments and without any undesirable side effects.

The power of mesotherapy

  • High level athletes to resume training without the use of drugs: Localized bruising, tendonitis, stretching
  • Dermatology: Shingles, herpes, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica
  • Aesthetics: Cellulite, localized adiposity, volume loss, venous insufficiency, aging of the tissues, face, neck and décolleté, hands.
  • Rheumatism, neuralgia, chronic pain, lumbago, osteo-articular diseases, osteoarthritis pain, all areas, in patients who do not support anti-inflammatories.
  • De-contracting action, anti-inflammatory, and indisputable analgesic. Elongations, epicondylitis, sprains, tendinitis.
  • Very effective against migraines and headaches that increase your wrinkles and your rate of aging