Retouching: Permanent Makeup, Microblading

Retouching: Permanent Makeup, Microblading

Retouching is advised within 6 to 18 months to maintain the pigment’s radiance and vibrancy and the perfection of your permanent makeup lines, microblading, dermo-pigmentation, trico-pigmentation. Retouches also allow for the modification or adjustment of certain details, colors, and shapes, according to your desires or the current fashions.

It is also advisable to maintain your permanent makeup every 12 months and your microblading every 6 months, in order to avoid having it done again from scratch.

Retouches or corrections of old permanent makeup are proposed with a custom estimate at Brigitte-Beauté in Geneva. For dermo-pigmentations done elsewhere, you can call Brigitte (Tel: +41 22 738 03 00). In either case, you may also make an appointment online by choosing ‘retouching B’.


  • Cleansing and choice of design and color
  • Application of local anesthetic
  • Pigmentation of the defined zone
  • Cleansing with small, cold compresses
  • Application of scar cream

To simplify things for you, we propose two major retouching categories:

  • Retouching A: Permanent makeup and Eyebrow Microblading retouching after 6 to 8 months, requiring about 75 minutes and starting at CHF 150.-
  • Retouching B: Permanent Makeup and Eyebrow Microblading, Eyeliner, Lips, Candy Lips after 12 to 18 months about 90 minutes,and starting at CHF 300.-