Swiss CellCollagen Eyes

Price: CHF 110.00 – Duration: 45 min

Cellular Eye Contour Treatment

Ultra-smoothing cellular mask: Anti-wrinkles, dark circles, and under-eye bags. The only collagen mask enriched with plumping cellular serum (15%) which respects the skin’s masculine hormonal identity.

Smooths wrinkles and fades fine lines, alleviates pronounced expression lines, refreshes, reduces under-eye bags with an immediate anti-fatigue action, restores volume to the skin. Captures water, preventing loss of moisture in the epidermis. Lightens the contour of the eye and dark circles.

Contains no hormones, silicone, dyes, nor alcohol. Ophthalmologically tested for optimal tolerance.


A genuine youth serum for a masculine, timeless look. Extremely effective against the visible signs of skin aging around the eyes, with an immediate anti-fatigue, anti-dark circle and plumping action.


  • Eye contour cleanser
  • Tonic compresses
  • Cellular patch mask 15%
  • Enriched collagen patch mask
  • Tonic compresses
  • Cellular serum 10%
  • Eye contour cellular cream 11%
  • Cellmen treatment