Tricopigmentation for Men

Price: CHF 400.00 per zone
Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

TRICO-PIGMENTATION®, a paramedical micro-pigmentation technique for the scalp to mask imperfections on the scalp, hair loss (baldness), (scars) post-transplant or post-graft F.U.T, alopecia, etc. We intervene on the alopecies of the Ludwig scale for men. Thanks to this innovative trompe l’oeil, you will never again worry about a lack of density in your hair.

We can achieve a shaved hair effect, an effect of denser hair, camouflage a scar or rebuild an eyebrow—all this in a hyper realistic way. The intensity will decrease over the years. This varies from person to person. Our specialist can provide you with more detailed explanations. Maintenance varies between 1 year and 3 years.

The methods of pigmentation have been improved to create a new protocol called Bounce. It is a complete operational system (technique, devices, consumables) capable of producing a shaved zone effect and density effect in a hyper-realistic manner, in compliance with legal hygiene standards.

We use sterile, disposable, ultra-thin needles that introduce bio-absorbable micro pigments into the dermis. Our specialist has received training in the most modern of techniques.

You will be satisfied with the transformation right away. The first week, the trico-pigmentation will be darker; the desired result will appear about 4 to 8 weeks post-treatment. The color will have lost about 40% of intensity. A second session will allow for an optimum result.

  • Make an appointment for further explanations
  • No pain! You’ll resume your daily activities the next day
  • There are hardly ever allergic reactions when ensuring the cleanliness of the treated area
  • The duration of the treatment ranges from 60 to 90 minutes per Zone
  • You will receive instructions for post-treatment care