Wrinkle Filler for Men

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Fill your static and dynamic wrinkles with modern hyaluronic acid

Aesthetic rejuvenation. Treat the loss of volume in the perioral and mid-facial fat compartments: fine perioral wrinkles, lips, and facial expression wrinkles.

TEOXANE guarantees uniform and subtle results: the skin is naturally plumped, regaining its luminosity, its tone, and its brilliance. Rediscover a smooth, youthful face thanks to hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers, a natural constituent of your skin which acts like a sponge, retaining large amounts of water to keep the skin soft and firm.

Experts in wrinkle filling, TEOXANE has developed RHA® (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid), a unique technology that gives Hyaluronic Acid superior benefits in our range of care products and treatments.

Forming a moisturizing mesh on the area of application, it helps to maintain and preserve hydration and to smooth and plump the skin. The mesh formed also acts as a matrix envelope loaded with active ingredients that are released gradually, perfectly adapted and complementary to aesthetic procedures.